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"Kaitseb päikese ja võõraste pilkude eest"


Kvaliteet aastast 1999

Tinted films for cars

Imagine that the exterior of your car has changed significantly after just a few hours’ wait. The first drive in the newly improved car is more comfortable and peaceful and the satisfaction shall continue to grow each day. Tinted film is a product that shall contribute to your comforts immediately after being installed, thus providing you with benefits and comforts you did not know existed.

The films are supplied with a special UV-filter which helps to reject up to 99% of harmful UV-rays. The films also reflect up to 70% of solar radiation, preventing the passenger compartment from overheating and providing you with nice and cool environment.


The sun ruins the colour of your vehicle’s dashboard and interior. Tinted films prevent the premature discolouring of the compartment. The film acts as a sunblock for your vehicle, rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV-rays and many years on, the compartment will look just as it did on the day the car was bought.

The films ensure the comfort of both the driver and passengers. Tinted film removes a large portion of blinding sunlight, thus protecting your eyes and making long journeys enjoyable. In addition to this, films block unwanted heat, ensuring a comfortable journey even on a hot summer day. Tinted film is irreplaceable when travelling with children or pets. The car does not overheat and this ensures a peaceful family holiday.

Tinted films change the vehicle’s appearance. On the average, a vehicle’s glass surface forms ca 30%. The darkness level of films and their choice of colour are plentiful. Films help you make your car more recognizable, aesthetic and individual – the list of possibilities is endless.

Films guarantee the durability of glass surfaces. Vehicle glass is has been toughened and as a result of an impact it shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. The film keeps these pieces together and significantly reduces the risk of injuries for people and damage for the interior of the car.

Depending on the darkness level of the film, it also shield your property from unwanted glances, be it your laptop, purse or something else desirable for strangers but irreplaceable for you.

Tinted films help save money on the account of fuel expenses. As the films reflect up to 70% of solar energy, the car’s compartment is cooler and you do not use the air conditioner as often as before, thus reducing the amount of used fuel.

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Toonklaas.ee tegeleb pakub teenuseid nagu autoklaaside toonimine ja autoklaaside vahetus ja parandus. Tegutseme juba aastast 1999. Omame pikaajalist kogemust ning pakume kvaliteetset ja usaldusväärset töökvaliteeti. Meie kontorid asuvad Rakveres ja Tallinnas. Küsi pakkumist klaaside toonimiseks või autoklaasi vahetuseks  juba täna.